Commercial Cleaning Services

How We’re Here for You With Medical Cleaning Care

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

Between nurse and doctor shortages, day-to-day demand and COVID-19 effects, there are plenty of challenges to deal with. So how can our medical cleaning services support you through this time and beyond?

Quality & reliability with healthcare facilities cleaning services

When it comes to the teams who are keeping your hospital or practice clean and hygienic, you simply shouldn’t need to worry about the quality of the work that’s being completed each and every day.

If you work with us already, you’ll know that we maintain a detailed site-specific cleaning plan for your premises to ensure high-traffic and high-risk spaces are sanitised appropriately for effective infection control. We ensure cleaning teams are trained and equipped for pre-emptive surface disinfection, and offer post contamination cleaning for biological hazards that may pose a health risk to patients and staff.


The best cleaning team is one you don’t need to ‘babysit’ – particularly when there are so many other elements to manage within your healthcare facilities. This is why we’re uniquely proactive about our quality management systems, with multiple ways we ensure quality on every cleaning job. AMC has an externally audited Integrated Management System (IMS) in place to certify quality assurance, OH&S, risk management and environmental impact minimisation.

# An extra level of care, from Auckland to Invercargill

We know that medical and healthcare cleaning is all about caring for people; not only for your patients, but for your staff and their wellbeing too. It’s why we put extra care into the way we clean. Being sure to give a friendly greeting when we enter a room, and clearing the way for medical professionals to do what they do best. Ensuring we use equipment and cleaning solutions that are highly effective, yet safe for people and the environment.

Staying up to date on the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing information on risk management. We know that for you to deliver your best care, we need to deliver our best care too.

# Finding the right healthcare facilities cleaner

As you may well know, it can be difficult to find an effective commercial cleaning company in New Zealand that can offer the right level of planning, quality assurance and care.

Whether you’re searching for medical facility cleaning services in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch or other areas of New Zealand, our quick-reference checklist can help identify the qualities to look for in a successful cleaning partner.

Of course, you can also simply contact our team at any time for an obligation-free quote.