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Looking for Office Commercial Cleaning Services in Wellington?

AMC Commercial Cleaning offers premium commercial cleaning services across Wellington. With 35+ years serving customers from various industries, we understand that every business has unique needs.

We take a customised approach to each of our clients, ensuring a meticulous fit for your industry, whether it’s for government departments, local council, corporate offices, retail stores, childcare, schools and educational institutes, healthcare and aged care, industrial and manufacturing industries. Our rigorous quality management systems ensure a consistently superior service you can always rely on.


At AMC Commercial Cleaning, we believe cleanliness is productiveness.


Our Expertise Make us Agile

Government and Local Council Buildings

AMC Commercial Cleaning in Wellington understands the importance of minimising disruption in your workplace. From ensuring your team starts the day fresh with well-ordered workspaces to making sure surfaces and social areas are hygienically clean to prevent illness. With over 35 years in the business, we also understand the importance of security. Our team all have background checks as we are sticklers for maintaining security protocols.

Corporate Office Cleaning in Wellington

A clean and healthy work environment plays a vital role in employee satisfaction and productivity. Studies show a direct correlation between office cleanliness and reduced absenteeism, burnout, and increased loyalty. AMC Commercial Cleaning offers customised office cleaning solutions to ensure your office in Wellington is always sparkling-clean and promotes a thriving work atmosphere for your team.

Retail Store Cleaning in Wellington

In the retail world, first impressions are everything. Research shows a clean store environment can boost sales by up to 20%. At AMC, we understand this. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of retail cleaning services tailored to your specific needs – from high-end fashion boutiques and luxury showrooms to supermarkets and shopping centres. Our cleaning services encompass everything from sparkling window cleaning and meticulous floor maintenance to thorough tile cleaning and dust elimination. We ensure your retail space throughout the greater Wellington region, and across New Zealand, presents a consistently polished and inviting image to your customers.

School & Education Campus Cleaning in Wellington

AMC is an integral part of providing cleaning services to the schools. Our dedicated staff members become an extension of each school community, sharing a commitment to its purpose and identity. We hold the knowledge and understand the workings of school maintenance. Our cleaning service is agile. We have access to the right resources and multiple skills to address the variety of cleaning requirements of a school such as floors – polished cement, wooden, vinyl, carpeted, spills and stains, glass cleaning, dusting including high dusting, periodicals, disinfection, toilets and washrooms. To ensure your students and staff are safe from contaminants, we’ve introduced our best-in-class cleaning service; PROTECT+.


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We appreciate the time and care you take every day to keep our centre hygienically clean. It starts our day off on a really positive note and we’d like you to know that we do notice this.
Janine Persnall - Centre Manager - Barnardos, NZ

Childcare Centre Cleaning in Wellington

Early childhood learning often includes lots of close interaction between children, staff and their environments, so minimising the risk of illnesses is paramount. By partnering with a cleaning service that understands the importance of hygiene, you’ll be able to provide a healthy and safe setting for children, parents and staff, and be confident in the daily management of your childcare facilities.

Aged-Care Facility Cleaning in Wellington

Wellington’s aged care sector, like many others, must prioritise the well-being of its residents, staff and visitors. AMC offers a tailored aged care cleaning solution to ensure a healthy and safe environment all year round. Our specialist services for aged care include deep cleans, infection control and services that exceed aged care compliance regulations.

Medical Facility Cleaning in Wellington

At AMC Commercial Cleaning we’re dedicated to redefining excellence and setting a new standard for medical cleaning services. Our team in Wellington is dedicated to exceeding cleaning guidelines to approach every task with the utmost sensitivity and thoughtfulness, understanding the critical role cleanliness plays in safeguarding the well-being of patients and staff alike. AMC’s proven service delivery processes are specifically tailored to meet the ever-evolving needs of medical facilities. Discover how we can elevate your healthcare/ medical environment.
VIDEO – How to Clean a Medical Facility.

Manufacturing & Warehouse Cleaning in Wellington

A pristine warehouse or factory is crucial for enhancing productivity and safety in industrial environments prone to debris accumulation.

With our extensive expertise across sectors including logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing, we specialise in everything from hard floor maintenance, through to truck and machinery cleaning.

How Sector-Specific Training is Done at all sites in Wellington?

For businesses in Wellington, we provide exceptional cleaning solutions tailored to your specific industry’s needs.  Here’s how we ensure a consistently hygienic and productive space for your team:

What makes AMC Commercial Cleaning Wellington different?

At AMC Wellington, we know there’s a lot more to commercial cleaning than just surface cleanliness. Every touchpoint within your organisation is an opportunity to prioritise the well-being of your staff, students, residents and customers.

Our 35+ years of experience allows us to identify service delivery that exceeds industry standards and surpasses any competitor’s offering.

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