Commercial Cleaning Services

7 Key Ways We Ensure Quality on Every Cleaning Job

Friday, December 18th, 2020

From retail cleaning and office cleaning through to medical cleaning, here are seven key ways we maintain quality for every single cleaning job.

Staff Selection

We have a rigorous process to find the right people to join our diverse AMC family, including employees and sub-contractors. We assess:

  • Skills, Qualifications & Experience
  • Character & Integrity
  • Alignment to Company Values & Culture

Formal police and reference checks, as well as visa checks where appropriate.

Induction & Training

All new employees and contractors go detailed orientation, induction and training. This encompasses WH&S, cleaning modules and AMC policies. Training is managed using our own online training platform and evaluated with a written assessment and practical assessments as appropriate. Site inductions are conducted with a supervisor and/or customer services manager.

Specialist COVID-19 Training

Many built environments now require pre-emptive cleaning and disinfection to defend against COVID-19: for example, school cleaning, childcare cleaning and aged care cleaning. All cleaning staff, supervisors and operations managers are trained on viruses and common pathogens, infection and cross contamination, PPE and safety protocols and procedures for high touchpoint cleaning.

Onsite Assessments & Reporting

All new personnel undertake on-the-job training and must be assessed as fully competent before they can work independently. Cleaners work to a facility-specific cleaning plan and their work is assessed through regular audits by our Operations team. Reporting is easily available through our online customer portal, where you can check performance against KPIs in real time.


Continual upskilling allows our cleaners to refresh their skills and specialise in specific cleaning services. In some areas, such as Infection Control and Chemical Safe Handling, we outsource training so we can be sure that cleaners are receiving industry-leading training in every case.

Issue Resolution

AMC has a robust issue resolution process with an escalation structure to identify risks before they become bigger problems. Our online customer portal and reporting are highly effective in helping to identify any potential issues.

Commercial Cleaning Issue Resolution


Transition & Implementation

We take a collaborative approach to transitions and have a 9-step implementation plan so that services won’t be disrupted. Milestones and deadlines are achieved and signed-off with a stage-gate approach by the Customer Service Manager, who must review and authorise each step.

Implementation Plan

When transitioning cleaning staff employed by the previous cleaning service provider to AMC Commercial Cleaning, our structured change management process ensures cleaning service colleagues will be assimilated, supported, trained and empowered to take on their roles with AMC.

We’ll leave you with this feedback from one of our clients, after we implemented our systems and process with the same cleaners and turned the school’s cleaning standards around:

We have had AMC cleaning at Wellington High School in Wellington for the last two years. Prior to them starting we went through several different companies, going from bad to worse.
We found a big improvement in attitude from the Management, which of course passed down to the individual cleaners at the school. Now, instead of receiving countless complaints from our staff, resulting in wasted hours chasing up issues with the cleaning company, I can now relax in the knowledge that the work is being completed to a high standard.
– John Wilkinson, Business Manager

AMC Commercial Cleaning works all across New Zealand including Christchurch and Dunedin on the South Island and Hamilton, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Hastings, Wellington and Lower Hutt on the North Island. Naturally, we can assist in Auckland and surrounding areas including:

  • Henderson, West Auckland
  • Mangere, Auckland
  • Manurewa, Auckland
  • Otara, Auckland
  • Albany & Northshore
  • Highbrook
  • Manukau and
  • Waitakere