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Sports Facility Cleaning

While you focus on providing a great service and space to the community, we’ll focus on keeping your sports or leisure facility premises clean! AMC Commercial Cleaning can cater for the cleaning of a wide variety of sporting and leisure centres, covering clubrooms and common areas, to change rooms, playgrounds and dance floors.

Your members, spectators and patrons will be kept safe and secure, with a sanitary space for exercising and socialising.

Using non-toxic and highly effective cleaning products, AMC can take of care the cleaning for a full range of sporting facilities including outdoor areas, indoor areas, wet and dry. We will customise a quote catering specifically to your needs, so that you can minimise costs and maximise value for the community and your members.

We are flexible with cleaning times so we can work around your opening hours or events and also offer a large range of ancillary specialist cleaning services including window cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Contact our experienced team today to discuss your cleaning requirements in further detail.