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Good office cleaning practices impacts employees in a positive way. Work becomes a place for inspiration and creativity. Happy staff are more likely to give higher work performance, be proud of their clean workplace and stay longer thus reducing staff churn and recruitment costs in the business.

Happy staff members are not only more productive, they also have higher job satisfaction, take fewer sick days, avoid burn out and show increased loyalty to their employer.

Happiness in the workplace happens for lots of different reasons. For some people, it happens when they’re achieving great things. For others, it happens when they’re staying back to help one another. For most, it happens when they’re feeling valued.

What can’t be underestimated is the role that a clean, safe and hygienic environment plays in making people feel valued. At AMC Commercial Cleaning, we believe it’s important to look after people and that’s why we say: here’s to happiness.

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Attention to Detail

With expertise in providing cleaning services to a variety of work spaces we understand the changing functions and designs of an office for the wellbeing of employees.

While a structured scope of works will form the broad basis to the commercial cleaning service, measures for optimisation such as predictive maintenance and agile maintenance will form the new cleaning solution to suit your business purpose.

Underpinning our cleaning service will be the focus on outcomes supporting business performance, wellbeing of employees and workplace safety and health.

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Quality Standards

AMC maintains the highest levels of accreditation certification:

  • ISO 14001:2016 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 9001:2016 for Quality Management System
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management



We implement an externally audited Integrated Management System (IMS) to monitor and report on performance of quality.

Your Brand Image & Reputation

Your brand is your greatest asset. Years of hard work, loyal customers, innovation, professional development and best practice have helped in building your reputation. We know that inconsistencies in the presentation of your office, bad cleaning practices and risks to health and wellbeing of your employees can damage your professional reputation.

Which is why we have designed and built an office cleaning service programme to provide consistent care for your team, their workplace and their performance

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The AMC Difference

We’ve scrutinized traditional office cleaning methods and developed new commercial cleaning practices, improving our ways and methods of cleaning to ensure that our objective is focused on the wellbeing of your people.

Experience & Expertise
With over 30 years of experience in commercial cleaning, we have developed expertise in office cleaning services for the wellbeing of employees. Our clients range from small to medium offices to large flagship brands such as Youi, BMW, DHL express and Puma energy.

Customised solutions
Customised Office Cleaning Solutions
Underpinning our office cleaning services will be the focus on outcomes supporting your business performance, employee wellbeing and experience, WH & Safety and environmental impact. The scope of cleaning work will be reviewed quarterly and service improvements made as per the needs of your business

We're with you
We're with you every step of the way
Our ongoing helpdesk support, regular onsite audits, job supervision and frequent account reviews ensures we’re always her for you when you need us. All site cleaning audits are shared in real-time online with clients for feedback and self-rating of their commercial sites.

Safe hands
Safety Product Use
We use natural and effective non-toxic cleaning products to provide a safe, hygienic work space.


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The Service Process

Contact AMC

1. Contact

  • Call or Email us
  • Calls returned within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)
  • A cleaning consultation with a local expert arranged

2. Site Survey

  • A dedicated site supervisor provided
  • Appointment at a time of your convenience
  • Cleaning plan tailored to your facility’s requirements
  • In compliance with all cleaning and environmental regulations

3. Induction

  • AMC cleaning staff selection to fit site requirements
  • Site visit for site specific induction at a time of your convenience
  • Thorough yet discreet walk through of your facility

4. Service

  • Quality assurance process to ensure your cleaning services are as per agreed specifications
  • Proof of service made available online
  • 48-hour issue resolution


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“We spend almost a third of our lives in the office, and in order to find and retain top talent, it’s essential for companies to foster an environment that empowers people”

How your office space impacts employee wellbeing,
Forbes.com January 24, 2019


We look forward to revealing more about the AMC Commercial Cleaning difference. Please contact us at any time to discuss your cleaning needs further.