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4 Quick Tips for Choosing Your Education Cleaning Team

Monday, August 29th, 2022

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How do you even begin to narrow down the options to a provider that fits your needs? These quick four tips will help you find an education cleaning team that works with care, adapts to your requirements and provides peace of mind.

Expect a thoughtful, site-specific cleaning plan

Primary schools, secondary schools or college cleaning can have different requirements to childcare cleaning or daycare cleaning, because students, staff and visitors use these spaces differently. And because each specific school or childcare centre has a different layout, its traffic flow will also be unique. Look for a cleaning provider that has specific training in education cleaning and who will develop a cleaning plan specific to each premises, to ensure the right spaces and surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected at the right frequency.

Look for a robust quality management system

Quality management is vital in a service like school or daycare cleaning – especially as it’s not always possible to ‘see’ good hygiene. So how can you be sure cleaning and surface disinfection is being carried out correctly? Ask any potential cleaning provider how they quantify and measure cleaning success. For our teams at AMC, this takes the shape of:

  • KPIs within site-specific cleaning plans, as mentioned above
  • Training and assessment of our cleaning teams to high standards
  • A dedicated Site Supervisor who oversees day-to-day quality
  • A Customer Service Manager who conducts regular site audits
  • An externally audited Integrated Management System (IMS)
  • Transparency and accountability at every level of the business

Find a flexible school cleaning service

Schools and education centres can have fluctuating needs, from school holidays to the winter season that can bring a higher risk of illness and infections. It’s important that your cleaning provider will work with you to identify and anticipate changing requirements to keep your education community safe. This may look like additional school cleaning times to minimise sick days over the winter months, or focused deep cleaning over the school holidays so staff and students arrive back to a spotless environment.

Reassess your cleaning services regularly

Though the right team will provide peace of mind, your education and school cleaning services shouldn’t be a set-and-forget matter. You’ll ideally have a cleaning team that frequently touches base with you and actively responds to your feedback. School holidays or the end of the year can be a great time to check in and assess whether you’re getting full value from your cleaning team. If not, it could be time to make a change.

For tailored education cleaning services in Auckland, Christchurch and across New Zealand, contact the team at AMC Commercial Cleaning today and request a quote. And if you’re thinking of starting your own school cleaning franchise, consider joining us for industry-leading support and training.