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How Simple Steps & Education Cleaning Can Minimise Sick Days Over Winter

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

How can you put the right plans in place and manage the spread in your school, college, university or childcare setting? Here are three simple yet effective steps to take.

Ensure your University or School Cleaners are Cleaning Frequently & Thoroughly

Basic, intermittent cleaning isn’t enough to maintain a hygienic learning and teaching environment over winter. If you have day care cleaners, pre-primary school cleaning services or school cleaners, it may be worth increasing the frequency of these services over the colder months while infections are higher. Specialist surface disinfection can be particularly important, as this step chemically kills pathogens on shared surfaces like desks, handles and handrails.

Consider Air Flow

Air flow can be a really important factor for minimising airborne transmission, including that of COVID-19. While opening windows can be one of the simplest ways to ensure reliable air flow, this isn’t always practical on those chilly winter mornings! Some school and education buildings may have air filtration and ventilation systems already in place to maintain consistent air replacement in classrooms and shared areas. If not, then portable HEPA air purifiers can provide a convenient option.

Keep Everyone Informed

The better informed students, staff and families are about the spread of winter illness, the better prepared they’ll be to take the right steps. Aim to keep your community updated on any outbreaks. Encourage those showing symptoms to stay home, and work on providing support to staff and students who might be in isolation. While of course this can take valuable time and resources, it will help everyone to isolate when necessary for the greater good. In turn, stopping the spread can minimise further absences and disruptions for classes.

Find the Right Professional Cleaners

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