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Adapting to a New Normal to Keep our School Communities Safe

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

Ensuring our children and their families, as well as the teachers and staff at schools, are able to learn and teach in a safe environment has become critical to enable society to continue to function optimally.

COVID-19 will change forever how we clean and disinfect hospitals, aged care facilities, homes, schools, stores, offices and even our homes.

Thorough, expert and professional cleaning is now the ‘new normal’.

There is simply no margin for error.

At AMC Commercial Cleaning , we pride ourselves on being a school cleaning company that will deliver a complete professional school cleaning service so that you can focus your attention on the important matters involved in delivering education at your school.

What’s involved in thorough school cleaning?

Children aren’t known for their hygienic habits so it goes without saying that schools can be breeding grounds for all sorts of nasty bacteria, germs and viruses.

We know that even in regular times, when a bug enters a school, it can spread rapidly right through the whole school.

Professional school cleaning for public schools and private schools will cover all the bases, reducing risk of the spread of infection by using hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants and targeting high-touch and high-traffic areas.

What Protect+ can offer your school

To create a clean, hygienic environment for students, teachers and staff, our Protect+ plan will provide you with a regular cleaning routine, with pre-emptive measures that will keep you prepared, just in case.

Protect+ offers:

    • surface disinfection in high touch areas such as door handles, handrails, taps, sinks, keyboards and mouses, desks, work surfaces and bathrooms
    • intensive cleaning to high traffic areas such as hallways and classrooms
    • fogging disinfection to eliminate biohazards
    • the use of hospital grade disinfectant to kills 99.99% germs

    How we keep your school safe

    Whether AMC Commercial Cleaning provides primary school cleaning or secondary school cleaning to your school, we want you to know that we adhere to strict protocols and industry standards.

    • We are triple certified, with the highest possible accreditations in Quality Management Systems, Occupational Health and Safety Management and Environmental Management Systems.
    • All our cleaners have thorough training in the use of cleaning products, waste disposal and surface disinfection. They are vaccinated and have police checks and working with children clearance.
    • A dedicated Customer Services Manager will be on hand to respond to your queries and feedback.
    • Our management team regularly audits the school cleaning that we provide your school and provides you with reports so that you can see that your school is in safe hands.

    AMC Commercial Cleaning has over 30 years of experience in cleaning schools across New Zealand – in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Waitakere, Hamilton, Highbrook, Manukau and Northshore.

    We regularly receive incredible feedback from school principals and administrators about their happiness with the service we provide, putting their minds at ease and enabling to focus on the job at hand. Contact us today to find out how we can Protect+ your school too.