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Will You Rethink Your School Cleaning These School Holidays?

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

How can you be sure you’re receiving great quality with your cleaning contract? And are your cleaners working to the most up-to-date guidelines? Based on our experience in school cleaning throughout Christchurch, New Zealand and beyond, we thought we’d outline the key factors to look for.

5 Clear Signs You Might Need New School Cleaners?

While education cleaning can look different for every school, here are some common signs your cleaning provider may not be delivering service that’s up to scratch:

  • You’re seeing signs of poor or incomplete cleaning or disinfection
  • Your cleaning company hasn’t touched base with you in a long time
  • Cleaning seems to only cover the bare basics, or doesn’t factor in COVID-19 cleaning protocols
  • A different cleaning team seems to turn up every time
  • Your requests or concerns aren’t being adequately addressed.

What can you do if you have noticed any of these signs? The next step will be to research other providers available in your area of New Zealand.

5 Factors to Look for in New High School or Primary School Cleaning Services

Whether you’re looking for public or private school cleaning services, for your primary school or high school, here’s what to look out for in a capable commercial cleaning company.

Specialised School Cleaning

Any new cleaning provider should work with you to develop a site-specific cleaning plan and program, identifying the high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas that should be cleaned most frequently.

Thorough Cleaner Training

Cleaning expertise matters just as much as cleaning equipment. It’s worth asking all commercial cleaning services about their training for school-specific cleaning and cross-contamination management.

A School Disinfection Service

Cleaning removes dirt and grime, but it’s only the first step in effective infection control. Surface disinfection is a must to chemically kill pathogens on high-touch surfaces such as door handles and desks.

Environmental Care and Consideration

Choose a provider such as AMC Commercial Cleaning, which monitors chemical use and only uses biodegradable cleaning products for all commercial cleaning in New Zealand.

A Proven Quality Management Process

Ask any potential provider about how their cleaning quality is maintained and assessed, and how any issues or concerns will be addressed for your peace of mind.

Get Your Free Quote for a School Cleaning and School Disinfection Service

AMC Commercial Cleaning offers the PROTECT+ cleaning service, delivering the highest levels of performance management, quality control, sustainability and customer service that surpasses all current benchmarks. Contact us to gain a free site-specific quote for your school cleaning in Christchurch and across New Zealand.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in joining the AMC family with your own school cleaning franchise, you can learn more here.