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5 Germ Hotspots to Consider for Your Commercial Cleaning

Friday, January 21st, 2022

The mutations of SARS-COV-2 are highly transmissible and infectious. Whether you’re engaging commercial cleaning services for your retail stores, aged care facilities or office workplace in New Zealand, there are some key areas where these germs tend to linger and spread. So, which surfaces should be focused on for pre-emptive disinfection services?

Germ Hotspots where Viruses, Bacteria and other Germs can be Transmitted

If you use commercial cleaners in Auckland, Christchurch or around New Zealand, be sure to check they’re paying attention to these areas of your premises with surface disinfection services.

Light Switches & Door Handles

Think that door handle is ‘clean enough’? Think again. Research shows that viral contamination on just one workplace doorknob could be picked up by 40-60% of workers and visitors in a matter of hours. It’s important that switches and handles are regularly cleaned and disinfected with an anti-bacterial and anti-viral solution.

Kitchen Surfaces

Most workplaces have shared kitchens and breakrooms, and surfaces such as fridges and cupboard doors can commonly pose transmission risks for pathogens to spread from one person to another. A quality cleaning plan will include regular cleaning and disinfection of these facilities.

Bathroom Taps & Buttons

A UK study found that just 32% of men and 64% of women actually washed their hands after leaving the bathroom – despite 99% saying they had. If that isn’t enough to warrant regular surface disinfection of bathroom surfaces at your premises, we don’t know what is!

Counters, Desks & Workspaces

Research has found that a typical office desk can be home to more than 10 million bacteria – and believe it or not, that’s more than 400 times what’s found on the average toilet seat! Whether it’s an office workstation or a nurse’s station, it’s imperative that your commercial cleaners pay careful attention to disinfecting these frequently touched surfaces.

Workplace-Specific Equipment

Of course, there may well be workplace-specific surfaces that are commonly touched by staff or visitors. Examples can range from medical equipment such as drip stands and bed safety rails, to cash registers in retail stores or gym equipment in sporting facilities. This diversity shows why it’s so important to have a tailored cleaning plan specific to your premises.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Which industries should consider surface disinfection with commercial cleaning?

Whichever industry you’re in, there will be commonly shared surfaces that pose higher risks for transmitting pathogens. Here are some of the services we offer together with specialist surface disinfection, from medical cleaning to office cleaning in Auckland:

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