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Is Your Office Cleaning Plan Effective in 2021 and Beyond?

Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

In the midst of a pandemic your cleaning plan is more relevant than ever – and particularly in a large office environment or call centre, where many people share spaces and surfaces. But what makes an effective cleaning plan for this type of office environment?

How can you be sure your commercial cleaning plan is adequate?

All large office cleaning services should be formalised in a cleaning plan, so if you don’t have one this could be a sign your commercial cleaning company isn’t cleaning in a structured way. If you do have a cleaning plan in place, see how it stacks up with the following elements.


# A site-specific cleaning outline

A reputable office cleaning company will begin with a site-specific cleaning plan that outlines different areas of your office and how these will be cleaned, from kitchens and common rooms to bathrooms. Having the cleaning plan clearly set out will benefit both your workplace risk management strategy and your COVID-19 management plan. It also provides reassurance for you and your employees that you’ll have a hygienic environment to arrive to every day.

# A surface disinfection plan

Pre-emptive disinfection services have always been important in office spaces to control the spread of illness in the workplace, and in the COVID-19 era these services are a sensible choice for any shared space. It’s important that your cleaning plan references high-risk shared surfaces such as door handles, light switches and lift buttons and how these will be disinfected. A quality office disinfection service will include physical cleaning to remove dirt and organic matter, followed by disinfection using an antiviral disinfectant.

# Information about cleaning frequency

A busy workplace requires more frequent cleaning. The right schedule for your premises may be daily, bi-weekly or weekly, or there may be certain rooms or spaces that require cleaning more frequently. It’s worth assessing whether your current cleaning plan allows for frequent-enough corporate cleaning to maintain employee wellbeing and positive brand perception. Clients, staff, suppliers and others should all be able to walk in and see a clean and tidy environment.

# Quality management processes

Just as important as cleaning frequency is cleaning quality – and there are a few ways your cleaning plan can quantify this. For example:
• Does your cleaning plan include a quality management process and a formalised escalation process to ensure any issues will be addressed?
• Do cleaners work to measurable KPIs?
• Are you assured that your cleaners are experienced, fully trained and vaccinated to support the wellbeing of your employees and visitors?
• Do you have a clear point of contact who regularly checks in with you?

# A transition plan, if you’re moving providers

If you are in the process of moving cleaning providers, a transition plan with set milestones will help to ensure a smooth changeover without disruption to your business.

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