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Medical Cleaning Considerations for Infection Prevention & Control in Auckland

Friday, December 2nd, 2022

What will need to be considered to ensure medical cleaning in your facilities will be consistent, effective and adaptable? It helps to start with some key basics.

Medical Cleaning Services

Assessing medical areas where infection must be prevented and controlled

In order to minimise harm from avoidable infections, step one will be to understand the most common situations where infection can spread. Whether it’s for medical facility cleaning, medical practice cleaning or healthcare cleaning, your cleaning team should be compiling a site-specific list of areas that can pose a transmission risk. These potential ‘hotspots’ can include:

  • Waiting Rooms
    Waiting rooms are where unwell patients often mingle the most prior to treatment and care. Surfaces like chair arms, door handles and reception desks should be regularly cleaned and disinfected for effective infection control.
  • Bathrooms
    Bathrooms can be a common transmission point for illnesses like streptococcus, staphylococcus and E. coli, so it’s important that surfaces such as stall handles, taps and floors are routinely attended to with hospital grade disinfectant.
  • Exam Rooms and Patient Rooms
    These rooms can see frequent interaction with multiple patients on any given day, demanding careful cleaning and disinfection of equipment, door handles and curtain rails. You may also require post contamination services of rooms where infectious patients have been treated.
  • Staff Rooms
    Frequently touched surfaces like fridge handles, table tops and taps can all transmit illness between hard-working staff in break rooms. Cleaning and pre-emptive disinfection services in these areas help to chemically kill 99.9% of harmful pathogens.

Why your medical cleaners must be a strong link?

Your staff and clinicians are no doubt trained in just how important it is to control and prevent the spread of infection in your healthcare setting, from using the right PPE to hand hygiene. But your medical cleaners also need to be highly trained – otherwise your internal or commercial cleaning services could be your weakest link in terms of infection control. Choosing an experienced and specialist medical cleaning team is therefore essential in any infection control strategy.

Developing an adaptable plan for medical cleaning in New Zealand?

The cleaning plan for your medical or healthcare facilities should be robust and include clear KPIs for cleaners, setting out:

  • Information on the rooms, areas and surfaces to be cleaned and disinfected
  • The infection risk level of these various areas, and
  • The frequency with which these areas and surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected, which may include daily, weekly or after hours medical cleaning.

However, it’s also important your cleaning team is adaptable because things can change rapidly in these medical environments. You will ideally be able to work closely with your cleaning teams, to adjust cleaning requirements and frequencies as infection risk levels fluctuate.

Finding qualified, experienced medical cleaners in Auckland

To control the risk of infection in a healthcare setting, you’ll need a cleaning team you can trust that has the experience and rigorous quality management principles to deliver consistently high standards. AMC Commercial Cleaning provides meticulous medical cleaning in Auckland: from Auckland central and West Auckland to the North Shore and Highbrook, and out to areas like Waitakere and beyond. Contact our capable commercial cleaning company today to request a quote and we’ll start developing your own site-specific cleaning plan.