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Are You a Facilities Manager? What do you need from a Commercial Cleaning Company?

Monday, September 10th, 2018

The role of a Building or Facilities Manager can be a sizeable one, covering a multitude of areas, depending on the business. Most of the time the Facilities Manager is in charge of a variety of functions, such as organising the business telecoms requirements, managing office space allocation, co-ordinating grounds and gardens maintenance, overseeing technical services, ensuring building equipment and fittings are fully operational. And these are just a few of the responsibilities of our clients.

We believe that the Facilities Manager’s job shouldn’t include co-ordinating Commercial Cleaners

The initial selection of a reputable and reliable commercial cleaning company is most definitely an important aspect of a Facilities Manger’s role; however, the day-to-day coordination of the assigned cleaning staff shouldn’t be something that should bother them. This task should come under the remit of the appointed commercial cleaning company and should seamlessly run alongside the normal operation of your business.

At AMC Commercial Cleaning, we meet lots of Building Managers in New Zealand and Australia who approach us to assess and review their cleaning requirements. Our team is trained to inquire about the main reasons that they are not satisfied with their existing or previous commercial cleaning partners. The most common problems we hear are about cleaners who:

Are unreliable, turn up late or don’t appear
Do a poor job and seem disinterested or uncommitted to their work
Don’t follow the tailored cleaning plan in detail and miss the essential elements of the job
All of this is hugely frustrating for a Facilities Manager, but it also means that a lot of their precious time is wasted micromanaging cleaning staff – checking that cleaners are on time and following through with the assigned task, to the standard agreed in the plan.

As a Facilities Manager, what can you do to fix this?

You can ensure that your chosen Commercial cleaning company is responsible for managing the appointed team of cleaners. Some things that should be included in this supervision:

Cleaning crews should be inspected often at unscheduled times to make sure the quality cleaning services is meeting (or exceeding) expectation
There should be an appointed Team leader in the building who is experienced and has a proven track record to make sure that cleaning goals are achieved and more
Up-to-date and regular staff training for that business, ensuring that the cleaning methods and cleaning products used are safe, modern and efficient at all times
Another gripe that we hear from Facilities or Building Managers is that the level of communication with the commercial cleaning company management can be disappointing after the initial ‘sale’ and agreement. There is also an apparent lack of care and pride in doing a great cleaning job and making sure that the building looks it’s best.

At AMC Commercial Cleaning, we understand what it takes to bring onsite solutions to the next level, exceeding expectations. Our commitment is to ‘do what it takes’ to get the cleaning task done correctly. We do this by constantly listening to feedback from our valued business customers and endeavoring to fix things as soon as they arise.

We believe that it is the role of the chosen commercial cleaning company to clean to an exceptional standard in the most professional way, but also to adequately manage the onsite team and their services. With this pro-active solution in place, the Facilities Manager can concentrate on their responsibilities.

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