Commercial Cleaning Services

How Commercial Cleaning Services Differ by Industry

Friday, September 30th, 2022

In Auckland, Christchurch and right across New Zealand, there are commercial cleaners busy at work each day cleaning the spaces where we interact, work and play. But just how different are these commercial cleaning services according to the particular industry and environment? We’ve rounded up some of the most requested cleaning services to explain a few key distinctions.

Business Cleaning

We all like to come to work in clean and hygienic surroundings, but those surroundings can look quite different within the category of business cleaning. Effective office cleaning is often focused on shared surfaces such as desks, light switches and door handles to minimise the spread of illness in the workplace, as well as keeping foyers and open spaces looking polished. Meanwhile, a large component of retail cleaning will be about presenting a polished and welcoming storefront for customers; often with a focus on sparkling windows and floors. And when it comes to the cleaning of sports facilities, it’s important to consider how members, spectators and patrons interact and focus cleaning KPIs in these areas.

Industrial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning are sometimes referred to interchangeably, but the latter has some distinctive elements. An industrial cleaning company may be requested to clean large factory or warehouse spaces, to clean machinery or production lines – and in some cases, can involve specialist services such as spill clean-ups or the cleaning of hazardous waste. Whether it’s a large premises or specialist cleaning you require in this sector, you’ll want industrial cleaners who know what they’re doing!

Medical Cleaning

It’s easy to understand why medical cleaning is considered its own expert category within commercial cleaning. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are where unwell people go to receive treatment, and as such the transmission of infectious illness is a crucial risk to mitigate. Medical cleaners such as our own teams will have site-specific cleaning strategies to ensure the smallest details are not missed, and that pathogens don’t have the chance to spread. Aged care cleaning services are also particularly important to get right, as they help to protect a vulnerable population as well as staff and visitors.

Education Cleaning

One more significant sector that requires specialised commercial cleaning is that of education. Children, families and staff interact in learning environments, and a genuinely clean and hygienic space can help to protect everyone’s wellbeing. School cleaning and childcare cleaning services should be focused on those areas that see high traffic, including classrooms, kitchen areas, bathrooms and corridors. Not only should your educational facility be cleaned and disinfected by knowledgeable teams with a clear site plan, but you should also have confidence that all cleaners have passed police checks for the safety of the children and wider community – it’s something we ensure with every cleaning team here at AMC.

Commercial Cleaning Services

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