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Why the Aged Care Sector Requires Extra Care in Cleaning?

Monday, May 31st, 2021

We know that aged care cleaning demands a specific set of skills, expertise and compassion. Here are the key reasons why the aged care sector demands and deserves that additional level of care when it comes to cleaning.

Safety and Hygiene are Vital

Aged care cleaning plays an essential role in keeping residents safe and healthy, and this has been highlighted more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Specialist surface disinfection is a must, to first clean away organic matter and then disinfect and kill germs on shared surfaces.

It’s vital that your aged care cleaning company employs industry-specific cleaning protocols to pre-empt and mitigate risks for infection and cross-contamination. This should include rigorous screening and training of cleaning staff, a site-specific cleaning plan, COVID cleaning and infection control certification, detailed reporting and regular audits by Customer Services Managers. It’s also essential to have an issue resolution process and escalation structure, to respond quickly to issues such as COVID-19 contamination risks. These essential aspects of care can literally save lives.

Quality and Compliance is Essential

We know that compliance not only helps to safeguard lives and wellbeing, but is also critical to the successful running of your organisation. When you begin discussions with an aged care cleaning service, they should be taking extra time and care to consider your compliance requirements. Experienced providers will already have aged-care-specific measures in place. AMC Commercial Cleaning, for example, maintains an operations excellence model and each State Operations Manager has specialist training in aged care cleaning. This ensures that each aged care cleaning franchise is working to the same closely-monitored standards for your peace of mind.

Each Person Matters

Residents and their wellbeing are paramount in the aged care environment, and it’s crucial that your cleaning provider truly understands this. As with all staff, your cleaning team should be staying up-to-date with vaccinations to help protect the health of residents and other staff. Cleaning teams should also inherently respect the importance of each resident’s dignity, identity, autonomy and privacy, as outlined in the Aged Care Quality Standard. The right cleaning team will be working with you to support the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of each resident as they live their best life.

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Cleaning Service Transition can be an Uncertain Time

Another important area where care can make all the difference is the transition period between old and new aged care cleaning services. If the time has come to change your provider, a quality cleaning provider will have a transition plan in place to minimise the impact to aged care residents and staff. For example, we have our own 9-step implementation process. It’s only after each milestone is reached and signed off that the State Operations Manage and Customer Service Managers authorises the process to continue. This ensures a smooth, reliable and safe transition to your new provider.

Care can be reflected in the simplest of acts and the most detailed; from a friendly hello through to each of the measures listed above. At AMC Commercial Cleaning, we apply care and attention to every aspect of our services to provide a truly exceptional service. Contact our team today for aged care cleaning in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and elsewhere in New Zealand.