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Safe Cleaning Solutions for Childcare and Medical Facilities in Auckland

Monday, June 17th, 2024

If you’re managing a facility in Auckland’s childcare or medical sectors, you’ll know just how important it is to maintain a spotlessly clean and hygienic environment. After all – the health and wellbeing of patients, children, staff and families depend on it. But getting the balance right between safe and effective cleaning isn’t as easy as it might seem. Cleaning solutions must be strong enough to work, but not so strong that they cause harm.

The wrong cleaning solutions, or solutions used incorrectly, can result in strong fumes or skin reactions. They could cause damage to important equipment, or on the other end of the scale – fail to clean and sanitise the way they should, leaving people vulnerable. So how do you find peace of mind? You ensure your medical or daycare cleaning team is employing safe and effective cleaning practices. Here’s what that looks like.

Choosing Safe Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions can certainly be effective without being harmful. This requires steering clear of harsh chemicals and potentially toxic ingredients. Instead, it’s about prioritising the selection of natural and non-toxic cleaning products wherever possible.

In many cases it’s also possible to cut down use of cleaning chemicals through the correct processes and dilution – something we’ve committed to as part of our environmentally responsible approach.

This can make all the difference in after school care, preschool or day care cleaning, where little ones get hands-on with toys and other surfaces that must be sanitised regularly.

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Using the Right Solution for the Job

Not all cleaning solutions work the same. Let’s look at medical centre cleaning as an example. Enzyme-based solutions can break down blood and other protein-based deposits effectively.

However, using disinfectants at the same time could render those enzyme-based solutions useless. Understanding the differences, key interactions and when to use each solution is critical – particularly for complex requirements such as general practice clinic, medical facility or day hospital cleaning.

Providing Thorough Training to Cleaning Teams

Cleaning teams must be thoroughly trained in the correct storage, handling and application of cleaning solutions, together with infection control principles and suitable use of PPE.

Solutions also need to be clearly labelled and documented for everyone’s safety. This all comes down to clear instruction and robust management practices, including regular site audits to ensure everyone is well informed.

We provide this high level of management for each of our clients, whether we’re providing cleaning services for childcare office cleaning or post-contamination medical cleaning.

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Finding Your Provider for Business Office Cleaning in Auckland

With the right cleaning solutions, training and protocols in place, you’ll be all set to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the children, patients, and staff who rely on you. Of course, this all requires working with the right professional cleaning company.

AMC Commercial Cleaning provides cleaning services and sector-specific business cleaning throughout Auckland and beyond: from commercial office cleaning to specialist medical cleaning. Reach out today for your obligation-free discussion and quote.

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And if you’re looking for an opportunity to form your own childcare or medical cleaning franchise, we’d love you to consider joining us at AMC. See our franchise opportunities for more details on training and support.