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Protecting People with School & Medical Cleaning in Christchurch

Thursday, August 17th, 2023

What is the true purpose of school cleaning and medical cleaning? Protecting people should be the ultimate goal. Let’s look at why this is the case for professional cleaning in education and medical facilities in Christchurch, Auckland and beyond.

Protecting Families and Visitors

Schools and hospitals are both environments for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. In schools and childcare services, there are young children whose protective immune systems are still developing. As a result, little ones can be more susceptible to allergies, illness and infectious diseases.

In hospitals and medical facilities there are people who may be immunocompromised, recovering from injury or about to go in for major surgery. Minimising pathogens like bacteria, fungus and viruses in both of these environments is absolutely essential to keep families and visitors safe – as is keeping the surroundings clean of dust and grime.

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Caring for Staff

Of course, the other key benefit of medical cleaning, primary school cleaning and childcare cleaning services is that your staff are protected as much as possible. If there are absences from teachers or doctors, nurses or admin staff, things can grind to a halt very quickly.

A clean work environment helps to minimise the chances of staff illness and injury. And when employees feel their health and wellbeing is valued, they’re able to carry out their roles wholeheartedly. Put simply, it’s vital to care for those who care.

Qualities to Look for in your Healthcare Cleaning and School Cleaning

So how do you ensure your cleaning team has what it takes for a thorough clean? Look for these qualities in any commercial cleaning company for medical, school or childcare cleaning in Auckland.

  • Specialised cleaning for your industry and site
  • Thorough training for cleaning teams, from the correct use of cleaning solutions to infection control
  • Proven quality management processes and dedicated points of contact
  • Pre-emptive surface disinfection, as well as post-contamination cleaning if needed
  • Accreditations and certifications that can indicate a commitment to quality
  • A culture where every team members goes above and beyond, showing care and compassion.

While just one of these qualities alone may not guarantee a thorough clean, together they reflect a professional cleaning company that is dedicated to protecting people and the steps needed to do so. Here at AMC, that’s what drives us every day.

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