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Finding Efficiency with Your Commercial Cleaning Provider in New Zealand

Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

Commercial cleaning is an investment in the wellbeing of your staff and business. Efficient commercial cleaning can help you get the best value for that investment – delivering maximum cleanliness with minimal disruption to your productivity. So how can you make sure your cleaning is both effective and efficient?


Here’s how to partner with a professional cleaning company that prioritises efficiency without compromising on quality.

1. Start with a Customised Business Cleaning Plan

A site-specific cleaning plan plays a crucial role in maintaining efficiency. This plan will ideally consider your premises’ peak hours and unique usage patterns, and set out schedules and cleaning KPIs appropriately. Not only does this help to minimise wasted time and resources (such as cleaning where it isn’t necessary), but it can also line up cleaning times for minimal disturbance to your staff and visitors (for example, with after-hours cleaning).

Whether you need efficient daily cleaning, weekly or monthly cleaning, a customised cleaning plan is a must.


Quality Management Processes


2. Look for Training, Upskilling & Quality Management

When you partner with a commercial cleaning company that invests in training and quality management, you’ll see the benefits of this in their cleaning efficiency.
This is because having consistent standards, a skilled workforce and accountability at every level all help to streamline cleaning operations without a loss in quality. With AMC, each client has a dedicated Site Supervisor and Customer Service Manager who maintain efficiency; through both day-to-day management and regular site audits.

These factors can all be particularly important where compliance is a must, such as medical cleaning or cleaning of a busy day hospital facility.


3. Maintain Clear & Consistent Communication

Communication is one of the most powerful tools in ensuring your commercial cleaning is carried out efficiently. It’s so important that you feel you can speak easily and honestly with your cleaning provider, and identify changes to cleaning goals or focus areas over time. This ongoing communication will help ensure cleaning resources are allocated in the most relevant way.

If your hours change at your childcare or daycare premises, it should be a simple case to update your cleaning schedule to suit. It’s also important that you can raise any issues or questions. Which leads us to…

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4. Choose a Cleaning Provider that Evolves

Efficient cleaning providers will listen intently to constructive feedback as an opportunity for continuous improvement.
There’s always room to find new efficiencies – whether it be through new sustainable cleaning practices, or through refining specific cleaning plans.

This applies whether you need small office cleaning in Christchurch, retail cleaning in Wellington, or large office cleaning in Auckland. If your provider isn’t taking feedback on board and actively working to improve their practices, it may be time to change providers.


So – is your Professional Cleaning Company Delivering Efficiency?

If you think the efficiency of your commercial cleaning or office cleaning services could be improved, you might be looking at gathering some free quotes.

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Every AMC cleaning franchise around New Zealand uses our proven quality management processes and thorough training for an effective, efficient service. Speak with us today and get an obligation-free quote for your business or office cleaning in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and beyond.