Commercial Cleaning Services

Tupou Turns Up To Clean Everyday

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Tupou Angaaetau came into cleaning services by launching a new AMC franchise in May 2021.

Employed as a project manager at an industrial company in South Auckland, Tupou looked for ways to improve his income to financially support his family in Auckland and Tonga, and decided to take on cleaning services.

Hailing from Tonga with a dream to become a professional rugby player, at the age of 15, Tupou landed on a rugby scholarship to a prestigious Auckland College.

“I was one of two selected for that year. I starred in the 1st fifteen at centre, until a debilitating knee injury put a stop to my rugby aspirations.”

The disciplines from his rugby training days have shaped Tupou’s outlook to his work. “My motivation for work comes from my desire to do my best to the very best of my abilities,” says Tupou. “For me, the best rewards are when I meet a customer and they are truly satisfied with my level of work.”

A very good work day is just like a good winning day at rugby.

“A good day is when I can honestly say I have done a good day’s work. Just like when you and your team ‘turn up’ for the game. A winning day. That’s a good work day.”

Tupou’s day starts very early. He is at work around 5am every day and has a busy schedule. He tries to leave work at 4pm but most days, his day work goes on till 6pm. After which he meets his cleaning team and the cleaning schedules begin.

“We start at Barnardos in Mangere and we get back home around 9pm. As soon as we get home I help my ten year old son, Josiah, with his homework and then it is pretty much off to bed to recharge for the next day.”

On a typical night, Tupou and his team will clean 5 sites around Auckland. Always prepared and always ready for challenges, Tupou says in providing commercial cleaning services “you must always consider others in your actions. Never do anything that places others in harms way.”

Tupou, we appreciate all what you bring to AMC Commercial Cleaning and for all that you are teaching us about work-life. Thank you for your awesome attitude and the rugby life lessons. We wish you the very best for all that is ahead of you.