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Summer Commercial Cleaning Tips for Auckland Workplaces

Monday, January 15th, 2024

Whether your business is in Newmarket, Mt Wellington, Penrose, Botany, Highbrook, Manukau, Mangere or elsewhere in Auckland, here are a few summer steps to ensure your workplace is fresh and bright this year.

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Have a thorough Tidy Up

What better time to get everyone on board with a general decluttering? Everyone’s more motivated in the new year.

As such, summer is a great time to tidy those working files into folders, sort the desktop clutter that often accumulates in busy workspaces, and clear away any mess left from the end-of-year scramble.

Your commercial cleaning team can then assist with deep cleaning that will clear away every crumb, spot and smear; leaving clean and hygienic spaces for you.

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Review your Commercial Cleaning Requirements

If you use a commercial office cleaning service, you’ll likely have a custom cleaning plan that sets out cleaning KPIs and areas of focus. Summer is also a great time to reflect on your cleaning services and let your cleaning team know if your requirements have changed at all recently.

This could be anything from changing your schedule to weekly cleaning or monthly cleaning, through to meeting any new compliance requirements when it comes to medical cleaning.

Request any Additional Services for your Workplace in Auckland

Whether it’s office cleaning, school cleaning or childcare cleaning, your regular cleaning provider will primarily focus on high-traffic areas and the places that become dirty on a daily basis. But summer is also a great time to schedule in deep cleaning of other spaces or surfaces.

This could include steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery. Curtains and blinds can also be thoroughly attended to, as can air vents and windows. The result is cleaner air, more light, clearer views, and a fresher environment all round.

As well as your commercial cleaning in Auckland you might also like to book in other important office services for the year ahead. For example, a HVAC filter replacement, printer maintenance – and of course, a service for the all-important coffee machine!

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Bringing the Best Out in Auckland Workspaces

By giving a few moments of consideration to your business cleaning over summer, you’ll have the ideal environment to work with full enthusiasm this year. Need help with your cleaning schedule?

Every local AMC cleaning franchise is equipped with the highest levels of care, training and equipment to help bring the best out in your workspace.

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning in Auckland including Newmarket, Manukau, Mangere, Botany, Penrose, Mt Wellington, Highbrook and beyond, you can simply get in touch to arrange a quote today.