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Looking back on 30 years… The AMC Journey

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Reflecting on the 30-year span of AMC Commercial Cleaning, it’s hard to not think back to the earlier days of my life, as I truly believe the foundation was set for success.

By no means is this because it was traditionally easy, or privileged, or with a strong network of contacts at the ready – quite the opposite. The real core of who I am, and therefore what my business has become is rooted in a solid background of hard work, dedication and a burning desire to prove to myself (and the doubters) that I would achieve success, all instilled by my family.

It’s a humbling feeling to give yourself a real opportunity to ruminate on a three-decade long ride – the many challenges, diverse range of experiences, breakthrough moments followed by setbacks and vice versa, late nights and early mornings, laughter and life-long relationships. I set out to create something different, and at the core of this is positive humanity – caring for others with honesty and integrity, and creating clean and hygienic environments where people can thrive.

People are unequivocally at the core of AMC, and this feeling of family is something I’m proud to put my name to. From the early days with my dad as telemarketer, to my eldest daughter Kristie Coade leading the new generation of AMC, working her way to Chief Executive Officer, creating a progressive family-owned business is extremely fulfilling. We aim everyday to impart and expand this sense of family to all AMC employees – when you spend the majority of your day at work; you want it to feel like a second home!

“I’ve learnt that with each new achievement or significant challenge, it’s important to take proper stock of the moment in order to better yourself for the future. It’s safe to say the lessons learned along the way with AMC have been vast, and have no doubt contributed to the exciting pinnacle we’ve reached today: a multi million-dollar business with expansive presence in Australia and New Zealand.”

It is with immeasurable pride that I sit here today, as Chairman, and reflect on what truly has been an amazing journey, and it’s far from over – I still feel the same sense of excitement and momentum as I did out the front of IKEA that day in 1989.


Stephen Coade is the Chief Executive Officer of AMC. Having started his career in the commercial cleaning industry some 35 years ago, in his first published book CLEANING UP Stephen describes himself as a street fighter with a mission and plenty of resolve. Since its foundation in 1989, AMC has grown across Australia and New Zealand to become a circa $80m business with its commercial portfolio covering the education, childcare, healthcare, office blocks, retail and industrial sectors. AMC's journey of growth begins from the centre of Stephen's vision and his values. As he says, "We believe it is important to take care of people. We place our value on the humanness of the service. A service that is to be delivered with care and respect. We recognise a clean, hygienic work environment reflects the character of the giver and their value of the user".
Coade S.,CLEANING UP, 2015 Australia