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How to Change Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Office

Monday, March 25th, 2024

What can you do if you’re unhappy with your office cleaning service in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch? The first step is to speak with your provider. If they’re not jumping at the chance to fix the issue, then the next step is to change your commercial cleaning company entirely. Here’s the step-by-step process for doing just that.

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Check your Current Office Cleaning Contract

Every commercial cleaning contract will be different, so the first step is to check the terms of your existing agreement. Some business cleaning contracts may have termination clauses or notice periods to consider. In some cases, it may be easiest to let the contract expire before moving to a new cleaning service provider. If you are ending a contract early, you’ll need to draft up a termination letter so that everything’s clearly documented.

When you know you can make the change, the next useful step is to…

Reassess your Cleaning Needs

This is a perfect time to review your cleaning requirements before engaging a new service. Do you still require daily cleaning? Could some cleaning tasks be moved to a monthly cleaning schedule if they’re not needed as often? And do your current cleaning times work for your business? A flexible provider will be able to fit in with what works for your business, be it after hours cleaning or cleaning during quiet times of the day.

A change of providers will also be an ideal opportunity to make sure your cleaning is up to date with any compliance needs – particularly if you require medical cleaning for family practice offices or the like.

Gather Commercial Cleaning Quotes

Next is to reach out to reputable cleaning companies to request quotes according to your regular cleaning requirements. There are some key things to seek in any new provider, including:

  • Proven experience, including client testimonials
  • Quality Management Systems that ensure no detail is missed. Well-structured processes will also ensure any issues are appropriately handled and resolved.
  • A clear focus on workplace health and safety.
  • Specialisation in cleaning for your industry, as relevant. For example, warehouse cleaning demands a different approach to retail space and retail office cleaning.
  • Pre-checked cleaning teams. This is particularly important for offices in certain environments: for example, school and childcare cleaning in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

Cleaning providers should arrange to visit your site and discuss your needs in order to develop a site-specific cleaning plan and proposal for your business.

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Engage your New Commercial Cleaner

Once you’ve settled on the right commercial office cleaning service, it’s time to implement the change. There will be a transition period as you notify your old provider and engage your new provider, but an experienced cleaning company can help to make this transition smooth for your team.

AMC Commercial Cleaning has specialised teams cleaning offices throughout Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. We work with a range of business types: from transport offices, to car showrooms, to CBD office blocks. For an obligation-free quote, you can email our friendly team today or call us on 0508 990 050.