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How Can Office Cleaning in Auckland Shape Employee Behaviour?

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

Our physical workplaces can have a direct impact on the way we work, which is why commercial cleaning services in Auckland can boost business outcomes.

But how exactly does the state of a workplace shape employee behaviour, motivation and choices? Let’s look at the surprising ways commercial office cleaning can benefit medium and large businesses.

The Case for Regular Office Cleaning Services

A clean workplace really can lead to better wellbeing at work, and in more ways than you might expect. In one study, participants tended to be more charitable and made healthier choices in an orderly workspace. People in the tidy room chose apples over chocolate as a snack choice, and donated more to a good cause.

Research also shows that a clean workplace can help employees feel more productive and satisfied at work. And when teams feel fully engaged with their job, this has a range of documented benefits: from lower turnover and theft, to improved workplace safety and profitability.

In this way, investing in weekly commercial cleaning and deep monthly cleaning could bring in exponential advantages for your company!

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commercial cleaning Auckland

There Could be One Reason to Embrace a Little Disorder…

If you’re trying to crack a particularly challenging problem with your team, it may be worth scattering a few folders around the conference room first. That’s because research indicates that some disorder can actually be good for creative and innovative thinking.

When you want to encourage unconventional thinking, it pays not to have everything perfectly organised and tidied away.

Of course, the key is to find the right balance. It’s important that offices are hygienic and clean to support clear, focused thinking and productivity – but it can also important that they’re not overly boring spaces. Regular cleaning by a commercial cleaning company can help you find the perfect balance for your office with a tailored cleaning plan.

Not only can you enjoy sparkling windows, floors and surfaces – you can also create the ideal supportive environment to get things done.

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Book Quality Office and Business Cleaning in Auckland

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