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FAMILY is all it takes to completely understand

Monday, November 13th, 2017

Born in the same year my family began a commercial cleaning business I was bred to lean-in to do my part. Needless to say, I have taken to it like a duck to water, happily cleaning up (sic) a few messes along the way.  Work and family have since merged blurring the divide for such essentials as time, space, beliefs and values.  The benefit, however is the authenticity that comes with family – the freedom to express genuine care, openness, honesty and the responsibility to define quality.

The opportunity to design a cleaning service solution for the aged care sector made me stop in my tracks to understand the journey of the aged. From my lens of a millennial COO with grand parents aged 83 and 86 I took the privilege to leverage family and business. To overlay innovation to an offer that we could truly deliver on promise.

“We are the things that we cannot remember,
The blank spaces, the forgotten words”

– Cecilia Ruiz


To design a process that advocates the rights of the aged, their desires and their well being. To merge our story into theirs.  To reveal that when it comes to aged care, it takes a different kind of cleaning. Click to see the process.

Aged Care Cleaning Services

This is our story of complete understanding. Cleaning is unconditional caring. Click to read THE LITTLE BOOK OF UNDERSTANDINGS

Kristie Coade is one of Australia’s youngest Chief Operating Officers. Having joined the family's facilities management business in 2007, Kristie rose from the ranks of AMC Commercial Cleaning Pty Ltd – from Telesales to Business Development and then on to the challenge as General Manager tasked with the turnaround of AMC South Australia in 2012. On the back of a successful performance of growth, the Gen Y of 26, became COO in 2015. Today, with 10 years of experience behind her, Kristie heads the $80m cleaning and facilities management business spread across Australia and New Zealand, giving leadership to over 500 operatives and 2500 colleagues devoted to meticulous cleaning and care to provide inspiring work environments every day.