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2023 Commercial Cleaning Trends from Auckland to Christchurch

Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

There have been so many technological, social and public health changes in recent years, it’s really no surprise that commercial cleaning services have also been evolving. So what should you keep in mind if you’re seeking new commercial cleaners, Christchurch or elsewhere in New Zealand? Explore these key cleaning trends to help you find a modern and highly capable team.

Specialised cleaning

While specialised cleaning services are nothing new, there are multiple factors that have increased the value of specialist cleaning. Of course, in the pandemic era there’s the extra certainty and trust that specialist surface disinfection can bring to a business’s customers, staff and visitors.

In some sectors, there are also ever-growing requirements to be met for compliance and safety. This can range from highly-focused school cleaning and childcare cleaning services, to aged care cleaning, through to site-specific industrial cleaning. And if you require medical cleaning, it’s more important than ever to find a team who can carry out post-contamination cleaning as needed and clean with an in-depth understanding of infection control and mitigation.

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Eco-conscious cleaning

As in all industries, commercial cleaning providers are increasingly focused on how to deliver great outcomes with a lighter impact on the environment. As we have found at AMC, this can be achieved through thoughtful actions both small and large. For example: investing in quality equipment and using reusable or renewable supplies wherever possible; ensuring teams use cleaning solutions in the correct quantities; and considering the environmental impact at an organisation-wide level.

Your organisation’s own corporate responsibility policies can benefit from working with eco-conscious cleaning contractors. As of 2023 there’s value in finding a cleaning provider who is aware and actively minimising their environmental footprint, whether you’re looking for retail cleaning or office cleaning in Auckland.


Many companies have experienced unstable or unreliable services from contractors in the past few years, be it from staff absences or supply chain issues. As a result, reliability has become a more valuable factor than ever. If you use a commercial cleaning company to keep your premises clean and hygienic, you’ll no doubt want a team that shows up every time and gets the job done accurately, efficiently and with a high level of care.

This sounds like a simple task – but delivering reliability can depend on multiple factors such as staff training and support, robust quality management processes and clear communication with clients and teams. At AMC, we employ each of these factors along with modern management software to aid coordination. This enables us to deliver reliability – every day, and on every job.

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Finding innovative commercial cleaning in Christchurch and New Zealand

If you are seeking a new provider for commercial cleaning in Christchurch, Auckland or elsewhere across New Zealand, we welcome you to get in touch with AMC Commercial Cleaning for an obligation-free consultation and quote. As you might have gathered, we take great pride in delivering modern and meticulous cleaning services across diverse industries.

And if you are looking to own your future and start your own commercial or office cleaning franchise in Christchurch, Highbrook, Northshore or beyond, speak with us about an AMC cleaning business franchise with great support and training today.