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4 Tips For Cleaning Common Areas in Christchurch Workplaces

Friday, May 19th, 2023

In any given Christchurch workplace there are bound to be staff, clients and visitors interacting on a daily basis. Not only is it vital to keep these shared spaces clean for great morale and productivity, but doing so can also safeguard the health and safety of all who visit the premises – and reduce sick days to boot!

So how can you be sure that a commercial clean will be effective when it comes to maintaining kitchens, bathrooms and the like within a commercial facility? From warehouse to office cleaning in Christchurch, here are four factors to consider when it comes to busy shared spaces.

Communal area cleaning

1. Set a detailed plan for common areas

Whether you have an in-house cleaning team or use professional commercial cleaning in Christchurch, it pays to set a office cleaning plan for spaces like communal kitchens, bathrooms, locker rooms, elevators and open plan offices. This office cleaning plan may encompass clearing cobwebs or dust, disinfecting tabletops, keyboards and chairs, vacuuming carpets and mopping hard floor surfaces. There may be vents and windows to clean frequently, and your cleaners may be responsible for emptying garbage bins and replenishing hand sanitiser and other consumables. It will be essential that your office cleaning team attends to bathrooms with a detailed plan to keep unseen pathogens at bay, including the cleaning and disinfection of basins, countertops, toilets and urinals. It’s worth noting that a tailored office cleaning plan is our first step if you are working with AMC as your business cleaning or office cleaning service.

2. Pay attention to the ‘in-between’ spaces

Transitional areas like staircases and corridors are often overlooked, but bacteria and viruses can lurk in these spaces just as they do in kitchens and washrooms. Just think how many hands might touch a handrail over the course of a day! Consider the importance of foyers and lobbies, and how these can form first impressions for clients and visitors. And consider the value of professional retail cleaning when it comes to keeping break rooms and store rooms tidy – which helps to keep your staff happy and your inventory in peak condition. Whether you’re running a hotel, motel, restaurant, retail store or central CBD office block, your cleaning team should have a structure in place to ensure these intermediate spaces will be cleaned and disinfected correctly.

3. Encourage everyone to play their part

Everyone benefits when each person is involved with keeping the workplace tidy and hygienic. Even a small amount of collective effort could help you save on your commercial cleaning in Christchurch and maintain a positive work environment. Consider the chaos that a common kitchen can contain after morning tea time. By fostering a ‘culture of clean’, minor spills and messes can be cleaned up immediately and everyone enjoys more pleasant surroundings. You can offer the right encouragement through friendly signs and visual reminders, and by providing the tools to clean up short-term mess such as dustpans and brushes.

4. Specialise where necessary

In some cases, common spaces in workplaces can require specialised or highly focused cleaning. For example: cleaning kitchen and dining areas in a restaurant might involve the treatment of oily spills or spatters, which can be drastically different to that of childcare or school cleaning, which is again different to medical cleaning with its stringent compliance requirements. In aged care cleaning it’s vital to sanitise surfaces in the shared dining rooms and lounge areas, and also attend to kitchens and nursing stations where staff are interacting on a daily basis. Working with a specialist cleaning team will ensure communal areas are cleaned regularly and comprehensively, with benefits for all.

Find your cleaning team

These tips are valuable whether you have an in-house or external cleaning team. If you are looking for commercial cleaning services in Christchurch, Auckland and across New Zealand, the AMC Commercial Cleaning team would be delighted to put together a customised quote for you. Simply contact us today.